Chive talkin’…



Chives have to be one of my favorite herbs; certainly up there alongside coriander and thyme anyway! The major advantage to chives, over other herbs, is that they are so aesthetically pleasing! They can be used very successfully as a garnish, whether in their whole form, chopped teeny or even tied in a bow around the food. They always add an extra elegance to any dish although their taste generally tends for them to be used in fish dishes, soups or dairy contained products (including pancakes, scones, cream cheese, crème fraiche and so on…)


They are the smallest and mildest member of the onion family, and as a consequence, they don’t need to be cooked in the same way as their bigger, stronger relatives. They can retain their fresh, beautiful color and form by being added at the end of the cooking process or just placed on top afterwards.


Whole or teeny? Chives as a garnish to Salmon. For the recipe click here.

Wikipedia states that “Romanian Gypsies have used chives in fortune telling” and that “the Romans believed chives could relieve the pain from sunburn or a sore throat.” I’m not a clairvoyant sunbather who chain smokes, but that certainly doesn’t stop me having a soft spot for them too!



One Response to “Chive talkin’…”

  1. […] with filo pastry. One of my personal favorites is the “Beggars Purse” which could even use a chive as the drawstring! Maybe a little excessive for a weeknight dinner, but as they always say… […]

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