A Big Pizza Pie? That’s Amore….



Fornino (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) claims that it has mastered the art and science of pizza. Is it not said that the right side of the brain deals with things of a qualitative nature whilst the left side of the brain is more quantitative? In short; the right is artsy-fartsy and the left is science-geek? Fornino seems to suggest that it not only understands the what, where and when of logistical pizza making, but also the why and how. This is the first ambidextrous food type I have heard of and I certainly couldn’t be bothered to cook this evening… so I thought I would test their hypothesis.

Ingredients for two :

  • 1 large margarita classica
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Phone the order in, allow to cook for 10 minutes and then pick up. I would recommend picking up in person if local as the delivery seems to take an eternity. Preheat the oven to 400F and place pizza (in the box) into the oven for a further five minutes or so. Once the desired temperature has been achieved, remove and season if necessary.



Ok, so this isn’t the first time I’ve had pizza from this place. Let’s just say that one time I went to pick up a pizza and the person behind the desk said “you come here a lot don’t you?!” Anyway, their pizza is absolutely delicious. I like Lombardi’s, I am disturbed by John’s in the Village, but Fornino is probably hands-down the best pizza I have had in NYC. The cheese is cheese, and by that I mean it’s not any of that grated processed stodge that has the audacity to call itself mozzarella, but rather, is original buffalo freshness to the max! The tomato sauce is tart, but certainly not tangy and the base makes me want to cry tears of joy! It’s thin, it’s doughy and its perfectly cooked… it’s so good that I tend to eat the scraps of my girlfriend’s pieces too! Ok… so I may be slightly in love with a wood-fired oven-baked product, but that’s not a crime is it???

If a large margarita classica were a type of person, it would be one of those annoying people that I went to school with that were good at everything. Of course that analogy is more a reference to being “whole brained” rather than being “fresh to the max” and “tart” with a base that “makes me want to cry tears of joy”.


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