So the economy may be going down the toilet and people aren’t spending money on life’s luxuries anymore, but that doesn’t mean that food can’t taste like it’s expensive right? Right! So this meal for two of steak, potatoes, asparagus and salad washed down with a nice bottle of Cabernet may have only cost $13, but light a couple of candles, put on some Marvin Gaye and you’ve got something that you would pay five times that for in a restaurant… hopefully.

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This is an adaptation of an Antony Warroll Thompson recipe. Although his chubby little face and extremely nasal voice may really annoy me; I cannot deny that this indeed an awesome recipe. His original Lamb Tagine does, however, take a whopping three-plus hours of cooking in an oven-proof clay saucepan (otherwise known as a Tagine or Tajine); preceded by an overnight marinading of the meat. If you don’t have the time (or equipment) for such an endeavor, then this recipe will provide a suitable yet speedy oven-top homage in probably an hour or less.

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Ingredients per person:

  • 6-8oz swordfish fillet (preferably at least 1” thick)
  • 1 handful of fresh basil leaves
  • Zest and juice of half a lemon
  • 1 vine tomato
  • Balsamic vinegar

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Two stuffed Pigs: an 8lb pork loin


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Ground Beef!

A lasagna recipe influenced by the mother of one of my longest and best friends…


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Spaghetti with Cherry Tomato, Romano and Basil



This is an adaptation of the following recipe:

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Fillet Mignon with honey & thyme roasted root vegetables.

First things first; it is worth saying that this dish takes a long time to make. If you want to be eating within the hour, this probably isn’t the right thing to be making. If you do have the time (and the thyme) then this is certainly a fun one. I made this on a Saturday evening, with nothing pressingly urgent to do, a super-sized bottle of wine in the fridge and some Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and The Mammas and the Pappas in the background. Disco Kitchen!
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Mac ‘n’ Cheese:


Winter is on its way and surely there is nothing more satisfactory than to snuggle up with something warm, soft and greasy?
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