A perfect overlap between food and drink! With the start of a new blog devoted towards drink, I would hate for this one to become the forgotten child. So to appease both, or to kill both in one stone maybe, I decided to make some of my own Maraschino Cherries after reading a great post about how to do it.

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Cannellini Summer Salad

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This is definitely the first (and probably last) time I have ever seen one of my renderings on a food type. I had nothing to do with the creation of the dessert, but to see people eating it was “the icing on the cake” of my professional career. It’s all downhill from here…

… and on what better note to launch my new website and second blog!

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Ever have a hankering for an authentic cheese toastie but don’t have one of those makers from Argos?

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So the economy may be going down the toilet and people aren’t spending money on life’s luxuries anymore, but that doesn’t mean that food can’t taste like it’s expensive right? Right! So this meal for two of steak, potatoes, asparagus and salad washed down with a nice bottle of Cabernet may have only cost $13, but light a couple of candles, put on some Marvin Gaye and you’ve got something that you would pay five times that for in a restaurant… hopefully.

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It took 5 months and thousand of miles to find the perfect mangoes for this recipe. And here it is…

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Although a Choco-pot-a-mousse sounds more like a mammal that is made entirely of coca and covered in brightly colored wrapping, it is in fact an insatiable quest to find out the pros and cons of two very similar desserts; Jamie “pukka” Oilver’s Chocolate Pots and Nigella Lawson’s No Worries Chocolate Mousse.
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Samosas (in addition to papadums and naans) have to be one of India’s finest contributions to world cuisine. This recipe uses filo pastry and are baked rather than fried, they’re not quite as delicious as more traditional ones… but they are certainly acceptable as a healthy alternative. That reminds me… I really must get a deep fryer!
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